Viral Robot Mailer Launched

The latest Mailer has launched and it is a service of James Manning Group!

Viral Robot Mailer.  And, this was the 1st Viral Robot Mailer domain registered.

Now, we’re having a Race to 500 Referral Contest with lucrative cash prizes.

We’ve added a splash just for this contest, as well as a 600 banner to promote.

Viral Robot Mailer is also providing you Personal Branding ability not often found in a Mailer.  There is a Personal Banner with your image on it, plus a Personal Splash that allows you to add 2 programs to promote on it as well.

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My Best Residual Income Recommendation

Residual Income is the most important thing to create when trying to make money online.  It is the only way to set yourself up for long-term success.

The best income opportunities also include the ability to earn through multiple levels of commissions, meaning that you can earn through the work of others, as well as the work you put into your business yourself.

Now, if you’re one of these “closed-minded,” “conspiracy-theory” thinkers who assume that multi-level marketing is “concocted” on a ponzi-scheme, then you can just close this page, because not only are you wrong, but you are also likely one who will not listen to reason and you assume that your opinion is “golden.”

You are far from correct, dear friend!

Now, one of the best examples of a multi-level income opportunity is Global Domains International, which has been in business for about 20 years.

The Action Power Team of GDI is what brought be back to this opportunity, because they are well-designed, and they will help place people under you!

I was a part of GDI some years ago, but decided not to continue – mostly because I did not put any effort into working the business.  Things are different now, and so is this team, which I did not have in the past.

The Action Power Team was created about 11 months ago (from the time of this writing) by a guy who, like me, was in GDI, left and came back… and now he is making over $30k per month… yes, per month.

I have placed this in the downline builder of several of my sites, but one that I highly recommend that you use is List Master, where you can build a viral list of subscribers, as well as build your GDI team and another great program.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to let me know…

Click here to Contact Me directly!

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Awesome Text Ads Club Is Awesome


Welcome to my Blog!  The James Manning Group Blog will have information relative to my sites, plus recommendations that may benefit you in your quest for Affiliate & Internet Marketing success!

Now, let me share with you the latest site in the James Manning Group…

Awesome Text Ads Club!

The site specializes in several advertising platforms that can benefit your site’s exposure, plus we have brought back the Auto Surf platform in the process… Here’s a quick list of features:

  • Credit Mailer *(with List & Referral Mailer)

  • Solo Ads *(on-site & Super Network Solos)

  • Auto Surf Website Advertising

  • Banner & Text Link Advertising

And, Up to 60% commissions for Super JV Members!

Click here to join now, if you haven’t already, then submit your websites and affiliate links.

Register to stay up to date with news recommendations 🙂

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